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November 07, 2019

IVC Students, Holtville Residents Share Thoughts on Thanksgiving

November 29, 2018


     The mood was hopeful at Imperial Valley College on Nov. 16 as students were carrying on their normal activities in the mathematics lab while talking about their plans for Thanksgiving break and for what they are thankful.


     Some were excited about seeing their families and spending time with them as was the case for veteran and IVC student Alexander Arias.


     “I’m thankful for the opportunity to live life one day at a time. I’m thankful for my wife and kids. I’m excited to get together with family and watch TV and movies with them late into the night,” said Arias.


     Others were in a more contemplative mood.


     “When I was 11, my parents were deported, and then my brother was sent to the hospital due to his heart condition,” recalled math tutor and student Jesus Fletes.


     He explained, “It was tough being the only support for my brother during those trying times. I’m so thankful God gave me the strength to get through those tests. I always contemplate on how lucky I am for having what I have: a house, family, and warm food to eat.”


     Some anticipated the food they would eat and the family they would see.


     “I’m thankful for my family and the opportunities I’ve been given in this life. We usually have carne asada during Thanksgiving, and we spend it at my grandma’s. However, this year we’re going up to visit my sister, who’s attending UCSD (University of California, San Diego) and spend it there,” said IVC student Hector Arredondo.


     In nearby Holtville holiday thoughts were on the minds of some even as they went about their Friday work routines. They included Cooper’s West Insurance employees Debbie Baro and Lily Aragon.


     “I’m thankful for family, friends, and a job,” said Baro. “I’m going to spend Thanksgiving with my family, enjoying turkey, stuffing, and most of all, dessert.”


     Added Aragon, “I’m thankful for my happiness this year. My family gets together at my mother-in-law’s. We all pitch in with the food. I always contribute with dessert and dinner rolls. As with previous years, we’re also heading out to the desert to enjoy ourselves.”


     Holtville resident Linda Hadley was anxiously anticipating her annual traditions.


     “I’m thankful for my girls, my health, my job, my co-workers, and America,” she said. “We have Thanksgiving at my house, and my family all sits around the table and we each say three things we’re thankful for this year, followed by a prayer.”


     Good health is also on the mind of some as the first major holiday of the season approached.


     At Solo’s Fitness clerk Adriana Rodriguez commented, “I’m thankful for health above all. With good health we can do all the things that we love. I’m thankful for my family, and I’m excited to spend our Thanksgiving together.”

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