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November 07, 2019

Zipline Ride Dropped From Carrot Fest, Royalty Well Preened For Banquet

January 17, 2019

     The upcoming Carrot Festival will not include the planned zip line ride because the company that was to provide it is unable to meet the city of Holtville’s insurance requirements.


     The city requires a $3 million indemnity policy to meet a contingency should such an instance arise, Anita Martinez, chief executive officer of event organizer the Holtville Chamber of Commerce, said on Jan. 11.


     “They do have California state-mandated insurance compliance but it doesn’t meet Holtville’s standards,” she said. “We can’t find another similar amusement that can comply with the city’s standards so we won’t have a replacement for the zip line.”


     The removal of the zip line is the second major change to the festival in a week. Earlier in January the chamber board of directors decided to remove the theme “Our Carrots Make the USA Grate” because of complaints is too closely resembled the campaign theme of President Donald J. Trump, “Make America Great Again,” that some find divisive.


     The change means the event will not have a theme. The biggest impact of the change is likely on parade floats that traditionally depict the event theme.


     Martinez said she expects parade entrants to easily adapt.


     “We’re not going to try and come up with another theme,” Martinez said. “The theme has not been the central focus of the festival. So, we’ll concentrate on the memories of what the Carrot Festival means to individuals. For example, Vessey Farms (will) depict beloved memories on their float portrayals in the parade so, that could be a guide.”


     Meanwhile, the eight royalty contestants are settling in into a monarch-like mode receiving make-up tips at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Jan. 12.  Queen contestants include Maya Munger, Samantha Garcia, Skye Silva and Courtney Walker. The Princess contestants are Gianna Cox and Daniella Contreras. Meanwhile, the Jr. Princess contest will feature Charlierae Burch and Brytni Valenzuela.


     “We’re super proud of these girls,” said Martinez. “They all represent the best of the Carrot Festival.”


     The coronation for royalty will be held on Feb. 1 at the Barbara Worth Country Club & Resort. The evening will include the chamber’s annual Holtville citizen of the year presentation. Tickets are $40 each.

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