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November 07, 2019

Holtville High School Bands, Choir End Year On High Note

May 30, 2019

     The final big performances of the year by Holtville High School’s musical groups last Friday night may have been their best.


     The evening started off with a few numbers by the beginning band and beginning chorus, both made up of new musicians. Music Director Yvonne Moreno said that all had progressed fantastically over the year, which many of them had started not knowing how to read music or even what most instruments were.


     The Viking Chorus was a much larger group but the also much more confident than their younger counterparts. The chorus sang four songs, highlighted by a number of soloists. Some technical problems with the background music, rather than impeding the performances, served to highlight the strong voices of the singers.


     The Jazz Band had a dozen musicians but the hearts of many more.


     “They don’t have to do this,” Moreno told the audience of the volunteer group. “They do it on their own time, and they’re awesome!”


     The first song, Blue Bossa, featured solos by every member. The final two, Fineness and Uptown Funk, had everyone playing perfectly off of each other and were as smooth and anyone could have asked for.


     The evening in the Finley Auditorium ended with the Viking Band of Pride performing 13 songs.


     Rather than starting a little rough and working up to a big finish, the musicians played the first song perfectly and only got better as the night progressed.


     Among the songs was Rock Around The Clock, which was performed in a number of parades this year. The band used it to beat the much larger Central Spartan and Calexico Bulldog bands at the El Centro Mardi Gras Parade.


     A couple of audience members remarked that they probably wouldn’t be able to stay for the full set of more than a dozen songs, but once the music started time seemed to slip away and the band was at its finale and longtime favorite, On Broadway, before anyone realized it.


     Moreno said that she would be sad to see all of her seniors go but hoped they would keep their music close as they get older.


     “You will forget,” she told them. “If you don’t use it, you will lose it.”

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